Cultivate: Before Time Game Music

We’ve spent some time thinking about what style(s) of music will work well in Cultivate: Before Time…


The game is set in the Cornish countryside in a range of terrains, and has a twee, relaxing style. It’s all about exploring the surroundings to find items and knowledge to help you cultivate your land and to discover the story of the place.

After researching different music types, we realised Celtic music, sea shanties and Cèilidh style folk music will fit well with our style of game. The music from the TV series Outlander has been a big inspiration too!

Different music will play in different areas of the game, and tracks will be interspersed with ambient sounds:

  • Cornish sea shanties for the beach/sea area.
  • Desolate and beautiful Celtic music for the moorlands.
  • Ambient rainforest sounds in the forested prehistoric area.
  • The caves will have no music, just drips and the odd unnerving sound.

We’ll be using instruments like the fiddle, penny whistle, harp and bodhrán. Here is an un-mixed and un-mastered clip of the music that will play when you’re inside the local pub:


Jenny, our resident composer, is working on a much longer and more intricate song – and we’ll happily share our musical journey and developments.

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