Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #1 – Tiles, tree brush and a Unity tilemap shader

Development on Cultivate: Before Time has begun!


Hello everyone, Jenny here – Living Ember’s programmer, game designer and composer. I’ll be sharing development blog posts each week to show you what we’ve been working on – you’ll be able to see how creating the game is progressing. Gwen will be writing separate posts about the artwork and story.

We’re making Cultivate: Before Time with Unity – a game engine which comes with a lot of useful things built in. One of these things is the tilemap editor – which makes drawing with tiles easy.

This week, I’ve programmed a new tile type that allows us to automatically draw the ground. 47 different tiles are needed for this!


Drawing tufty soil at runtime for Cultivate: Before Time


We’ll be using this tile to let players dig the earth when they want to do some farming.

I’ve also created a new brush which lets us easily add randomly sized and tinted trees (or other objects!) – this way, each tree is slightly different, making the scene look more interesting.


Unity Random Tree Brush for Cultivate: Before Time


We felt that the terrain looked too flat, so to add a sense of depth and texture, I wrote a shader that lets us add detail to the tiles – it makes a massive difference. Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve was an influence here as their tiles look amazing. 


Detailed Tufty Ground for Cultivate: Before Time




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