Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #3 – Swaying tree shader, HSV shader and Ink

This week, I’ve been working on two shaders. One to make the trees sway in the wind:



There are parameters that let us change how fast and far they sway to accommodate different wind strengths, though they start to look a bit disturbing above a certain speed! I’m still working on improving this shader to make the trees sway at different speeds dependent on where they’re located.


And another to change the hue, saturation and value of the sprites to experiment with changing the trees’ colours via code for the different seasons rather than having separate sprites for each:



We might not use this, but it was fun to make and experiment with. We’re using Unity to make Cultivate: Before Time which means the shaders are written with a variant of HLSL.


As parts of Cultivate: Before Time’s narrative will be branching, we’ve decided to use Ink to help us! It’s a scripting language made specifically for branching narrative games, is open source, and has Unity integration – just what we need!


The rest of the game’s text will be stored in Google Sheets, exported to XML, and then read into the game.


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