Cultivate: The Allotment #3

While getting more mulch from the pile to add to our path, we discovered several tree stumps (not attached to the ground!). Only one was close enough to reach though – the others had rolled a bit too far down a steep hill. But we took one back to the allotment which we intend to use as a seat later on. At the moment though, it’s helping hold down the cardboard we’re using to kill the grass.


Tree trunk at the allotment


We did discover that the amount of cardboard we put down to start with wasn’t enough – more layers were needed to stop the grass growing through – the rain made it too weak. There are now 3 patches covered with card, and a lot more half filled bottles to stop it all blowing away. We also brought some old, extremely heavy, second hand paving slabs to the allotment. Eventually they’ll be placed at the bottom of the hill, ready to become a platform for a shed. 


The mulch path is slowly growing in length – we’re almost halfway now!




Also, the allotment is a good place to see rainbows!


Allotment Rainbow

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