CULTIVATE: THE ART – What makes a quintessentially quaint village?

We live just outside a small city, but within driving distance (or cycling, if we’re feeling brave!) of Devon’s beautiful, rugged Dartmoor in one direction and Cornwall’s quaint villages in the other. When we venture to the tors of Dartmoor, the streams, the woodlands, or to the villages dotted around the Cornish peninsula, we are reminded that there is something about these places that draws us to them. In Cultivate:… Continue reading

Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #5 – Diversity and Playersexuality

  In many games, non-player characters are playersexual (they have no sexuality of their own): if you want your character to pursue a romantic relationship, a non-player character will respond favourably. While this has its own merits (gaining favour with NPCs can be fun), it gamifies relationships and conveys them as transactions.   In games where the characters are playersexual, the characters aren’t fully formed in that they require the… Continue reading