Cultivate: The Allotment #4

We are pleased to report our mulch path mission is complete!












More Mulch










It took many hours and many trips with a wheelbarrow (up the allotment hill, down the next hill to the mulch mound then back up the hill and back down the allotment to deposit the mulch) but we got there in the end. It was better than a work out at the gym! We both emerged from our mulch-path-creation sessions feeling a bit puffed out but equally refreshed by the air and exercise!


We’re sure we’ll have to go over the path every now and then with new wood chippings, but for now it’s doing its job and enabling us to go up and down the allotment as sure footed as mountain goats!


We (Gwen and Jen) worked hard on this. Our little helper (Max, not so little!) was a little more relaxed in his approach….


Max on the allotment grass










And now for our next mission – we need somewhere to store our allotment tools (and possibly deck chairs… we need somewhere to perch after toiling away!), therefore let the shed mission begin!  


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