Living Ember is composed of an enthusiastic core team of two. We are Jenny Hide – Game Designer, Programmer and Composer – and Gwenhyver Davies – Game Designer, Scriptwriter and Artist. We have previously worked together on other projects, and are now working together more officially under the umbrella of Living Ember.


Jenny has been a freelance Game Programmer and Designer for over 4 years, and has recently completed work on the winemaking tycoon game Terroir for General Interactive Co. Terroir was released in September 2017 on Steam after a few months in Early Access, and has since been released on Humble Store, Gog, and Microsoft Store. Previous released projects and game jam games can be found on Jenny’s website edgeofcode.comPrior to working in the field of game design, Jenny worked as a Software Developer and as a Physicist at various universities, researching Quantum Information Theory – an area in which she has a PhD.


After gaining her degree in Philosophy from the University of Durham, Gwenhyver turned her attention to writing short and feature films, and now adds game writing to her entertainment-creating arsenal. Gwenhyver’s writing successes include placing in the finals of the Austin Film Festival and the semifinals of the Nicholl Fellowship (twice!). In addition to this, she has won various writing competitions, including the International Screenwriters Festival and the American Gem Literary Festival. Gwenhyver is the founder and organiser of the South West Screenwriters’ and Storytellers’ Group, and more information on her credits and writing missions can be found on her website

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