Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #6 – Scriptable Objects

This post is aimed at coders – it probably won’t make much sense if you’re not a programmer.   When designing the coding architecture for Cultivate, I decided Unity’s Scriptable Objects were the way to go for several parts of the project. ScriptableObject is a class your classes can inherit from. They create objects that Unity originally designed to store large quantities of data to be shared between MonoBehaviours.   For… Continue reading

Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #5 – Diversity and Playersexuality

  In many games, non-player characters are playersexual (they have no sexuality of their own): if you want your character to pursue a romantic relationship, a non-player character will respond favourably. While this has its own merits (gaining favour with NPCs can be fun), it gamifies relationships and conveys them as transactions.   In games where the characters are playersexual, the characters aren’t fully formed in that they require the… Continue reading

Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #4 – 2D Sorting order and Sprite Fading

Between The Trees

So that the character can move behind objects like trees, I’ve set up a system that orders everything correctly on the screen using Unity’s sprite sorting order. Objects that are higher should be behind objects that are lower down.   I’ve added colliders to each tree as well as to the character to stop the character walking through the trunk, and the trees become semi-transparent when the character goes behind… Continue reading

Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #3 – Swaying tree shader, HSV shader and Ink

Swaying trees

This week, I’ve been working on two shaders. One to make the trees sway in the wind:     There are parameters that let us change how fast and far they sway to accommodate different wind strengths, though they start to look a bit disturbing above a certain speed! I’m still working on improving this shader to make the trees sway at different speeds dependent on where they’re located.  … Continue reading

Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #2 – Scenes, Character and Fade Shader


I planned how to structure the game within Unity, and decided to use multiple scenes for different aspects of the game. So for example, there’ll be a menu scene, a base scene which controls the overall behaviour of the game, and a scene for each area in the game. There’ll be several areas including the village, caves, a beach, and a prehistoric rainforest! The base scene will always be loaded… Continue reading

Cultivate: Before Time Dev Blog #1 – Tiles, tree brush and a Unity tilemap shader

Development on Cultivate: Before Time has begun!   Hello everyone, Jenny here – Living Ember’s programmer, game designer and composer. I’ll be sharing development blog posts each week to show you what we’ve been working on – you’ll be able to see how creating the game is progressing. Gwen will be writing separate posts about the artwork and story. We’re making Cultivate: Before Time with Unity – a game engine which… Continue reading